The name is Matt Shoemaker. That is not me you see to the left. That would be my son, Jaidyn. I use his picture because he is significantly more attractive than I am. Moving on. I am a 2009 graduate of Robert Morris University. Obtained a degree in business administration with a concentration in sport management. Want to know how well that is working out for me? I work for Giant Eagle where I have been since I graduated high school. Yay for college education!

I started this wonderful blog entitle Throw the Challenge Flag in May of 2011 after deciding I wanted to get back to blogging. Honestly didn't think I would stick with it the way I have seeing as I had attempted to blog on plenty of other occasions when I was in college and got away from it. Not this time though. I've gathered enough readers to keep me interested so I'm not going away despite not being wild about the name of the blog now that I know I'm keeping it. But I don't feel like paying for a new domain name and then trying to reach out to people to let it know it changed. Too much work.

Essentially, this is a Pittsburgh sports blog. I don't focus on any particular team. I write about all of them. Mostly game recaps but eventually want to start gearing it more towards opinion and statistical breakdowns, add some creativity. If you enjoy writing and would like to contribute to Throw the Challenge Flag, I'm always open to original content. Plenty of ways to contact me.

Twitter: @IsItTheShoes926
Email: throwthechallengeflag@gmail.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/shoemaker.matt

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