Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Game 116: Bucs get blown out by Dodgers

Thanks to a rain delay, I didn't get to see all of this game. I mean that in more ways than one. Mostly, I'm literally thanking the rain delay for not making me watch the entire disaster of a game that this was. Now, since I didn't get to see all of it, this recap is going to be a bit different than most. I only saw five of the runs so trying to explain how they scored the other six would be tedious. Instead, I'm just going to throw out some thoughts, concerns, reactions, whatever.

Kevin Correia took the mound looking to pick up his eighth win in a row. While no one expected Correia to win every start for the rest of his life, this was a bad one to lose. That being said, I don't blame all of this on Correia. I actually blame very little of it on him. He started off well. He did allow one run in the third but for the most part, he was sharp. Then he was sharply screwed in the fourth inning. Matt Kemp led off with a single that should have been ruled an error because it was hit right at Pedro Alvarez and he dropped it. Then, Andre Ethier was safe at first when he grounded out and Neil Walker tagged out Kemp going to second. At least it appeared that way. Walker dropped the ball but looked to have it long enough to get the out call but what do I know? Everyone was safe. The bases ended up loaded. Three runs came in. Two of them were driven in by former Pirate Luis Cruz who I don't even remember being a Pirate and I remember everyone.

The offense didn't exactly do anything to help the cause either. They hit a ton of balls hard off of Chad Billingsley, they just were always at someone. The only ball that was hit where no one could catch it was a double off of the Clemente Wall by Travis Snider when it was still just a one run deficit. At the time, Starling Marte was held at third base with two outs in the inning. That was the closest the Pirates would come to a run. But even then, I'm not prepared to blame this game on the bats. They left 10 guys on base which is awful but even if all of them score, they still lose this game by a run.

I wasn't wild about the Chad Qualls trade when it happened. Not because I love Casey McGehee, but more just because Qualls is awful. He did a good job of proving me wrong up until Tuesday night. He got rocked. He allowed five runs, four of them earned, and only recorded one out. But at the time, all it did was make a blowout a bigger blowout.

I've been one of few fans not jumping off of the bridge yet. I'm still holding out hope. I've said since the team started struggling that until they got knocked out of one of the wild card spots, I would remain confident. Well that scenario could happen with a Dodger win on Wednesday. If the Pirates playing poorly doesn't make that enough of the possibility, throw in the fact that defending Cy Young winner Clayton Kershaw will be on the mound and well, it makes me want to cry.

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