Friday, November 11, 2011

Apologists, Stop Apologizing

The story is nowhere near over. New information about the scandal surrounding Penn State University is being released by the hour. However, the biggest news regarding the football program broke on Wednesday night when the Board of Trustees announced that Joe Paterno was out as the head coach. The news sparked a riot of sorts throughout State College. A minority, but a very vocal minority, has voiced their displeasure over the dismissal of Paterno. These people are stupid.

Almost every single person that you talk to that believes that Paterno shouldn't have been fired still believe that Graham Spanier should have been. How is that even defensible? They are all in the same boat. Spanier, Paterno, Tim Curley, Gary Schultz, Mike McQueary, and anyone else that knew about what was happening should be gone. Sure, there are different levels of blame but there is plenty of it to go around. The fact is, if you knew something and you did nothing, you should be gone forever.

The base argument for most of the people that want to defend Paterno is that he fulfilled is legal obligation by following the chain of command and notifying his immediate supervisor. Don't give me that garbage. He had no superiors. He was the most powerful man at that university, in that town, and arguably in the entire state. He as well as anyone else that followed the chain of command that saw no action being taken by their superiors should have taken matters into their own hands. Penn State officials once tried to force Paterno out. He flat out told them no. Who else can do that? Even down to his last day when he announced that he would retire at the end of the season, he was telling his superiors what to do by telling the board in his statement to not discuss his status for one minute. The absolute only time this man had a superior at that school was when it was convenient for him to have one.

There is another group of people that say that too much focus is being put on Paterno and it is shifting it away from the true monster, Jerry Sandusky. In a sense, that is true. The media has made this a story about Paterno. I haven't been wild about the way that the media has covered this story either. That being said, it is assumed to be a foregone conclusion that Sandusky is going to get what he deserves. The aftermath became an issue of ensuring that others responsible for essentially harboring a fugitive got theirs.

Even more outrage has been expressed because of the fact that Paterno lost his job but Curley and McQueary are still technically employed by the university. When it comes to Curley, I can't defend that. Why he still has a job is beyond me so score one point for the outraged masses but that is the only concession that they will get from me. McQueary is being protected by law right now. People need to understand this. Penn State can not terminate him at this juncture because of wrongful termination lawsuits that would be bound to follow. However, today McQueary was placed on administrative leave and you can mark my words that he will never roam the sidelines for that football program again.

This post up to this point has consisted of shooting down arguments by people that at least have one. The thousands that rioted after Paterno was let go don't have arguments. They have a culture issue. The cult-like mentality of these bumbling, moronic students is an insult to all human beings with functioning frontal lobes. I can guarantee that most of those people had no idea who Sandusky even was before last week. I can guarantee that most of those people do no have children of their own. They are upset because it is going to hurt their precious football program. This is not about football. To hell with your football bias. This is about one of the most heinous acts that a person can engage in being covered up by an entire organization and holding those responsible accountable.

More and more keeps being uncovered about this investigation and you better believe that it is only beginning. It was recently reported that Sandusky was in South Carolina recruiting a linebacker this past spring. Whenever someone goes on a recruiting trip, there are two people that should be aware of it. Those people are the head coach who we all know was Paterno and the recruiting coordinator. Who was the recruiting coordinator? McQueary. Excuse me while I try to comprehend this. :LSDJKF;lajg;ljarfja;dkjg;larhjg;sjhg;jad. ARE YOU SERIOUS?! How can you POSSIBLY defend this?

Paterno knew about this since 2002. McQueary knew about this since 2002. It is possible that certain parties even knew as early as 1998 and if certain rumors are true, then that is the case. Paterno and McQueary both witnessed this man have children on campus as recently as 2007. How could these people go to sleep at night? I can understand letting the chain of command work itself out. But as the most powerful man in the situation, if you see nothing happen within a week at the most, you take care of it. No excuses. I don't care if you only "vaguely" remember what was told to you. Vaguely is enough. Who knows. Maybe Paterno would have gone to the cops and nothing would have came of it at that juncture but at least he would have fulfilled his moral obligation. He didn't. He never did. No one did. These people don't deserve jobs. They do not deserve apologists. They deserve nothing but a guilty conscience. Unfortunately, that hasn't affected any of them for nine years so why should I think it will now? I shouldn't but I can hope.


  1. Good article, central PA is in total denial. They are like drug addicts who have had there drug taken away. Deny Deny Deny...they come off as child molester enablers. Disgusting.

  2. Thanks a lot. You're right though. It is an extremely vocal minority of teenage misfits that think this is about football and not human decency.